Email Marketing

The core objective of the email marketing is creating a good plan regarding the services and products that you intend to promote. Your product funnel is the basics of your successful marketing plan. Proper content marketing plan guides you through the process of realizing your email calendar. Proper planning is required as you focus towards services and products promotion.

The following steps will help you to increase your email marketing results

Design a product funnel

Most companies have various services and products. You are required to develop one product funnel which will make you understand how the way different items are linked and works together.

Design sales pages for various products

Each page should communicate to your audience on the benefits of purchasing your products. You sales pages should focus on the audience but not on you.benefits over other features; you should assume that you are the potential client and try to answer all the concerns and questions they might have on the sales page.

Each product should have an appropriate email list

Your autoresponder will help in creating a list for each service or product that you are going to promote. At least make sure that you have a general list for all the people visiting the front pages of your blog.

You should also have at least two other lists for every product you sell. Also have a list of all the customer who purchased your product as well as those who needs more details about specific products. The files should be named appropriately to assist you to put the messages quickly based on where the customer or the audience joins the list.

Develop a product launch calendar

When you are aware of when the different products will be launched for the new upcoming services and products will help you in identifying which lists to include the information and announcements on. It also reminds you in creating new sales pages, blog posts, lists, and marketing messages for all the new products.

Follow –up messages

Once you sell any product, remember to create a follow-up message for it. Keeping in contact with your customer will help in marketing future services and products to them.

Email publication calendar

Based on how different things work together, you should create some emails which can be edited appropriately for each list separately. Loading your emails to the right responders ensures that they link well to the appropriate sales pages.

Creation of a social media calendar

Loping of social media messages in you blog helps in attracting the audience. They end up clicking through your sales pages thus purchasing the products.